Keyhole hernia repair

Keyhole (laparoscopic) hernia surgery has significant advantages for patients but must be carried out by an expert surgeon (ideally have performed in excess of 100 keyhole hernia repairs). Most keyhole hernia surgery is carried out for groin (inguinal) hernias. No large cut is made in the groin and because of this patients tend to have a more pain free recovery and return to activity more quickly – this is particularly noticible for patients having surgery in both groins. There is growing evidence that chronic pain rates (groin discomfort lasting more than 1 year) are also much lower for keyhole repairs. Keyhole surgery is also being used more and more to treat wound (incisional) hernias and other abdominal wall hernias.

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If you are interested in the technical aspects of keyhole surgery then we can recommend This is the world’s premiere site for healthcare professionals working in the field of keyhole surgery. It is a free to access website that covers almost all keyhole procedures. It is designed for surgeons but does demonstrate operations with beautiful graphics and excellent video clips. One of the GenSurgeon team has contributed several chapters to this educational site. You will need to register for free with websurg by clicking the link above.

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